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Sign e’Products Sdn Bhd

DuPont TM Tedlar ® PVF Films and Adhesives

DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF films represent the industry standard for UV and weather-resistant backsheets for photovoltaic modules. All Tedlar® films are made from polyvinyl fluoride so they share outstanding toughness, durability and 25+ y year weatherability attributes.

Sign e’Products Sdn Bhd

Neon/Letter Signs

Neon / Letter signs is a revolutionary invention in the sign industry which brings you unlimited possibilities. Create and re-arrange any sign, messages, greetings, names, telephone numbers or prices.

we can design and create the perfect sign for your needs. you can send us your own artwork (graphics, logos, ideas,etc).

Sign e’Products Sdn Bhd

Architectural Signs

Our range of signs have the flexibility to adapt and can display information well. architectural and design solutions are suitable for both new development and refurbishments.

Our architectural solution includes for:

Retail sites / Hotel, club and entertainment venues / Tourist precincts / Commercial and office buildings

Sign e’Products Sdn Bhd

Interior/Directional Signs

Sign e'Products Sdn Bhd works closely with the client, architect and general contractor to incorporate interior directional signs into the architectural signs creating a unique and truly one of a kind interior signage system including: wayfinding, ADA signage, interior directional signs, and donor recognition signs for different corporates.

Contact us for a free quote on all your interior directional signs or interior signage needs!

Sign e’Products Sdn Bhd

Billboard Suppliers

We help you to create a exceptional Billboard designs, In order to start you need to finalize a billboard with the correct dimensions

we'll need you to send us any of the following information (that you have): Logo(PSD & High Resolution), Photos(High Resolution) & Sloans to get started

Get in touch with us for any queries @ 03-9172 4913

Sign e’Products Sdn Bhd

Inkjet Printing

We offer you the state of the painting knowledge to produce best quality inkjet printing to satisfy your outside marketing requirement such as Banner Ads, Street Bunting and Big Giant Banner.

We discovered that Buntings and Inkjet Banners are one of the most popular products in today's advertising promotions. The movement of mass publicity of your advertisement by setting up Banners and Buntings at road side, junctions, lamp post, and in front of your stores are growing quickly. Banner & Bunting have become such a trend that it might gradually replace the standard light box signage mainly because it is a much more cost effective strategy in the long time period.

Sign e’Products Sdn Bhd

LED Signage

LED has long been in many electronic goods including cameras, digital clocks, televisions and more. In particular, its presence in the retail world is ever prevalent with outdoor and indoor LED Signage. Lighted signage creates an additional visual effect which further distinguishes itself from traditional signs, making it a more effective advertising tool. LED has a variety of applications in outdoor signs: from LED display, electronic business signs and custom signs, to channel letter signs, its versatility is indisputable.

A high quality LED Signboard is not only bright, but also has a wide light-spread angle. Our LED signs come with a higher diode density, making them much brighter than average signs. The more LED bulbs placed on the sign, the brighter the sign is to the viewers. Spreading the light to 180 degree, our LED lights can be seen from all angles and direction.